The ArborSafe Story

It all started back in 2005...

ArborSafe Australia was a revolutionary new busines concept incorporated in 2005 and for sixteen years, has been an Australian family-owned and operated business.

Back in 2005, the concept of software for managing public safety from trees on facilities was unheard of. Software for managing trees was limited to tree inventory systems mostly used as data collection tools for street trees and some European estates. From this new concept, ArborSafe’s client base grew quickly every year and was particularly strong in the education sector. Along with this growth came the added benefit of extremely high client loyalty and retention rates that today see the majority of our clients still with us.

Along with our unique proprietary software, strong in-house arboricultural skills were essential to deliver our clients a level guidance and expertise they required. Hence our team of consulting arborists now include some of the industry’s most skilled professionals. The diversity of skills, experience and knowledge held by the ArborSafe team is unparalleled in any other arboricultural consulting company – worldwide.

To enhance the quality of ArborSafe’s tree data and systems, we built a dedicated group of support staff to ensure our clients always receive quality, accuracy and ongoing support. Behind the scenes our team of IT professionals are constantly upgrading and enhancing our unique software systems to provide the clearest, easiest guidance possible for our clients.

In early 2021, ArborSafe was acquired by Civica Group, a global leader in software for education and public services. As specialists in delivering business strategies using their innovative cloud software and solutions, this opportunity will see Civica fast track ArborSafe’s scalability and expand our tree management systems into the future, while we continue to offer high levels of service and quality systems to new and existing clients at an even greater level.

Today ArborSafe is the largest arboricultural consulting company in Australia, servicing clients across the nation from mining sites in the far north west of Australia to holiday parks along the east coast, through to many schools and universities in our major cities. Our aim has always been to deliver our clients the most systemised, professional consulting arboricultural services possible whilst always being open to listen to the individual needs of each.

As a testament to our levels of client satisfaction, most clients who have commenced using our services over the last sixteen years are still with us today!


We look forward to welcoming you to ArborSafe and experiencing our unique difference.

Our wide range of clients include:

  • Private and public schools
  • Universities and TAFEs
  • Government bodies and departments
  • Historic and heritage facilities
  • Cemeteries and crematoriums
  • Corporate facilities and venues
  • Mining sites and towns
  • Retirement villages
  • Caravan parks and camping grounds
  • Adventure and wildlife parks
  • Foreshore and reserve authorities
  • Golf courses
  • Estates and wineries
  • Entertainment venues
  • Sporting facilities and parks
  • Public and private parks and gardens

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