Tree Consultancy

Tree Reports

ArborSafe provide professional, impartial advice and solutions on all tree related issues and can provide
detailed, arboricultural reports for single trees or your whole site. Our reports provide clear and expert guidance,
from tree health condition appraisals through to tree protection and management on construction sites.

Our consulting arborists have years of experience in specialist tree reports that can assist you in saving money
via pre-development planning and development application reports for building projects.

Tree Management Plans

Trees make a highly valuable contribution to the environment and amenity of your site. Maintaining a
healthy, diverse and sustained tree population over the long term is a vital planning component for site managers
to ensure ecological, community, monetary and heritage values are preserved.

By utilising data collected from assessing your trees, along with a more detailed site analysis,
ArborSafe can prepare a Tree Management Plan for your site to identify longer term issues and challenges,
and provide a working plan for management and staff to employ well into the future.

Tree Replanting Programmes

Whilst trees are generally long-lived, they do of course have a finite life. As a result, succession planting
for your site’s significant trees and to replace those trees lost to storm damage or construction projects
is recommended to be implemented on an ongoing basis.

ArborSafe can provide you with a detailed Tree Replanting Programme that analyses your current tree
population to provide recommendations on potential planting opportunities with specific tree selection,
their placement within your landscape and guidance on successful tree planting and establishment.

Our tree consultancy services include:

  • Tree inspections, reports and surveys
  • Construction impact assessments
  • TPZ and SRZ mapping
  • Tree valuation by tree or whole of site
  • Guidance on managing significant trees
  • Tree preservation and master planning
  • Tree replanting programmes
  • Species selection advice and supply
  • Site canopy cover mapping
  • Carbon sequestration calculations

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