Tree Management

Trees make a highly valuable contribution to the amenity and environment of your facility. However, being living assets, maintaining their health and reducing potential hazards is ever-changing, so dynamic systemised management is essential in meeting your legal obligations.

Trees form the largest natural element in urban landscapes and are the cornerstones of urban ecosystems.
They benefit the urban environment by moderating climate, improving air quality, reducing storm water run-off, consuming CO2 and storing carbon and providing shade as well as habitat and food sources for insects, birds and animals.

When it comes to reporting on trees, knowledge, experience and systemisation make all the difference

ArborSafe offers facility managers a superior range of arboricultural consulting services, as well as the most advanced tree management systems available worldwide. Our reporting of tree hazards and risk with remedial action guidance and cost estimates via our systemised methods deliver significant savings and assist you in directing limited funds to the areas of greatest need and benefit.

We provide tree assessment services with expert advice on a one-off basis, or as most clients prefer, via detailed tree assessments with scheduled reviews carried out by our experienced team of consulting arborists. This delivers documented guidance through skills and systems that are either not present in your organisation or free up your human resources for other core activities.

Our tree management systems and services include:

  • Tree inspections, reports and surveys.
  • One-off or scheduled hazard and risk
    assessments with documented actions,
    costs and status updates.
  • Tree inventory surveys and mapping.
  • Assessment and reporting options.
  • Budget estimates by tree, risk and site.
  • Day-to-day tree data management.
  • Updating history of work actions.
  • Tree and plant health advice.
  • Tree pest and disease guidance.
  • Ultrasonic tree scans and resistance drilling.
  • Construction impact assessments.
  • TPZ and SRZ mapping.
  • Tree valuation by tree or whole of site.
  • Tree preservation and master planning.
  • Site canopy cover mapping.
  • Species selection advice and supply.

OHS regulations in regard to trees

Trees can present significant hazards within their life span, creating serious risks if unidentified or uncontrolled. Unfortunately, there are many tree related incidents nationally each year, with many civil cases brought before the courts in relation to deaths and personal injuries caused by tree failures.

It is important for site owners and managers to know the legal requirements in relation to hazards and risks posed by trees. OHS legislation and “Duty of Care” requires all persons in control of a business undertaking to:

  1. Know the hazards present.
  2. Document those hazards.
  3. Seek to eliminate them.
  4. If they can’t be eliminated, reduce the
    risk as far as is practicable using the
    Hierarchy of Control Measures.
  5. Assess the reduction in risk from
    implementation of Control Measures.
  6. Review retained hazards to ensure
    effectiveness of Control Measures.

ArborSafe’s unique combination of systems and services are purpose-built to help fulfil these requirements and importantly, give you ongoing, documented evidence of tree hazard identification and risk assessment, control measure guidance, scheduled reviews with expert assistance in relation to the trees on your site.

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