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Our complete system and service

ArborPlan provides all aspects necessary for on-going, fully documented tree assessment and reporting within one unparalleled system and service package. It typically includes annualised assessments over a 3 to 5 year contract term with pay by the month fees.

The ArborPlan Interactive Tree Management System provides a dynamic means of viewing and reporting on your trees. The system can be simply installed on PC’s and is an interface to your tree data and tree mapping. Each tree has a placemark that is colour coded to highlight the current risk rating and identifies the tree number and species. You can click on each tree icon to bring up a pop-up window that details the tree assessment (risk, works recommendations, defects, health, etc) plus guidance comments from our arborists or general comments from your own staff. ArborPlan also provides you with the ability to upload files to individual trees or the site, such as photos, invoices, other reports, permits or any items you feel are relevant to your trees or treescape.

The system offers advanced searching capacity to find individual trees, groups or trees with related issues. Mapping of search results can be printed or emailed via our printing and export to pdf feature which displays specific tree locations; this helps enormously with tree works supplier guidance on the location of specific trees. The ArborPlan mapping, together with our tree tags, provides the best balance for ensuring the right trees are worked on by your suppliers and staff.

The dynamic and online/live nature of the ArborPlan system allows for our arborists to remotely guide your staff on any issues they identify, quickly and easily minimising additional non-scheduled site visits and costs. Beyond the service to enter your works transactions on a quarterly basis, completed tree works can be entered into the system by your staff users at any time.

The combination of the ArborPlan system and the service provides a great balance to dynamically maintain data on your changing treescape and to assist in demonstrating “Duty of Care” actions in relation to tree hazards.

ArborSafe has specifically chosen to remain totally independent from all remedial tree works operators. This means you can be assured our advice is totally independent and made in your best interests, as we have no vested interest in any works outcome we specify.

Included in the ArborPlan system and service package:

Highly qualified, annualised tree inventory assessments

Interactive access to the ArborPlan software

Live reports on all aspects of your trees

Handover meeting with site summary report following annual assessments

Quarterly updating of your completed tree works

Ongoing guidance and support on tree issues

Interactive access to our unique ArborSafe software allows you to:

  • View and print digital mapping of trees
  • View hazardous trees by coloured icons
  • Search by a range of tree criteria
  • View specific pop-up tree data
  • Add tree comments for staff or suppliers
  • Examine requirements and costs
  • Run authored reports for management
  • Check on actions and task progress
  • Add non-hazard works requirements
  • View at your desk or in the field
  • Attach photos or document links to trees
  • View on-going history of work performed

What clients say about ArborPlan and our service

“ArborSafe provide us with a comprehensive service encompassing all elements of tree management. Without their consulting arborists and the information contained in our ArborPlan, we wouldn't be able to effectively identify and efficiently manage the tree risk on our campus … The level of detail in the ArborPlan reporting is exceptional but moreover it is accessible within the system and easy to understand … The user-friendly nature of the ArborPlan tree management software allows me to quickly and easily create my own reports including budgeting and scheduling and send out work orders to our contractors … The Arborplan Tree management software and support by the ArborSafe consulting arborists is second to none.”

Cameron Munro, Assistant Campus Manager, Pymble Ladies College

We aim to make your job easier

ArborSafe’s tree management software systems have been designed to make the specialised areas of tree management easy for managers and staff. There are no arboricultural skills required and little IT knowledge needed to interact with our systems.

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