Specialised tree management systems


Documented, systemised tree reports

ArborSite is unique in that it offers highly qualified tree assessments within a detailed, documented and, importantly, systemised approach to tree hazard management. It typically includes a one-off assessment on an annual or bi-annual basis.

Compiling all your tree assessment information into an easy to understand, systemised report, ArborSite offers you easily affordable expert advice and clear guidance for better managing your trees.

ArborSafe has specifically chosen to remain totally independent from all remedial tree works operators. This means you can be assured our advice is totally independent and made in your best interests, as we have no vested interest in any works outcome we specify.

ArborSafe will tag and perform a documented assessment on each of your trees selected for management. Using our unique ArborSafe software, our consulting arborists detail each tree’s attributes, defects and hazards present, and via OH&S methodology, assess the risks of injury or damage. They also specify work actions with guidance comments where necessary, and estimated budgetary costs for each tree requiring works.

This information is then compiled into your ArborSite report as a selection of understandable reports and charts with site maps showing tree locations and risk ratings, a brief site summary overview which highlights the areas of greatest risk on your site, and a range of informational tree guidance documents to assist you in implementing our recommendations and managing your trees into the future.

ArborSite helps you meet your “Duty of Care” requirements and with scheduled reassessments, it also fits the need for on-going review and documentation on your ever-changing treescape.

Included in the ArborSite package:

Highly qualified tree inventory assessments

Detailed PDF report on all aspects of your trees

Optional extras of interactive access, summary reports,
completed works updating and specific support are available.

Your detailed ArborSite report will include:

  • Tagging and AQF level 5 assessments of your trees using our unique ArborSite software.
  • Site maps showing assessed trees with coloured icons indicating risk levels for each tree.
  • A range of charts detailing tree risk, age, life expectancy, risk works and estimated expenditure by risk.
  • Reports including detailed tree inventory, risk works quotations and estimated expenditure for works.
  • A selection of relevant forms, policies and guides to assist you in managing your trees.

What clients say about ArborSite’s systemised reports and service

“With 160 sites nationally, there is no way we would be able to track and stay on top of the associated tree works without this … The sense of knowing that our risk has been mitigated is great, however the confidence gained in knowing that our customers are safe and less likely to be injured by a tree is also very comforting … the ArborSite system and excellent customer service separates ArborSafe from their competitors.”

Shaun Nelson, Landscape Manager, Goodman

We aim to make your job easier.

ArborSafe’s tree management software systems have been designed to make the specialised areas of tree management easy for managers and staff. There are no arboricultural skills required and little IT knowledge needed to interact with our systems.

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